Brazilian Occupation Classification survey describes work activities

06/06/2002 - 13h44

Brasília, 6 (Agência Brasil - ABr) - The minister of Labor, Paulo Jobim Filho, released today the new Brazilian Occupation Classification (CBO) survey. The document describes activities developed by three thousand Brazilian workers. The CBO's official launch will be in September.

In addition to pointing out old and new professions, the CBO also analyzes professions that are being replaced or receiving new denominations due to Brazil's modernization. Circus artists, midwifes, Indian tribal chiefs, computer operators (who replace the typists) now have all their activities described in the book.

"The Brazilian Occupation Classification changes the country's life because when the professions are known and you have a clear description of them, you know how to develop policies, provide efficient educational and training qualification, identify and help them come back to the job market, if they are unemployed. This way, the country improves," emphasized the minister. (WPS)