NEWS IN ENGLISH – In first round voting (October 7), PT got most votes

29/10/2012 09:32

Ivan Richard and Iolando Lourenço        Reporters Agência Brasil

Brasilia – Here is a breakdown by political party of the voting in the first round of municipal elections on October 7 (note: these numbers do not include results from yesterday’s runoff elections).

In the October 7 first round of voting, tthe PT had the most votes with 17,1888,748, compared to 16,534,749 in 2008 (an increase of slightly over 3%). Even so, it came in third in number of mayors elected, with 648.

Although it got the most mayors elected, 1,035, the PMDB came in second in total votes with 16,665,662. For the sake of comparison, in 2008, the PMDB was the most voted political party with 18,491,822 votes.

The PSDB was the political party that elected the second most mayors in the first vote on October 7, with 709. In total votes, the PSDB was in third place with 13,842,265, compared to 14,537,570 in 2008.

In fourth place in votes was the PSB, the party that grew the most, increasing its total over 34%, with 8,600,892 this year, compared to 5,672,073 in 2008. The PSB was in sixth place in number of mayors with 422.

In fifth place in votes was the PDT with 6,248,481, a growth of 2.34% , compared to 2008 when it had 6,102,407. This year it came in seventh place in number of mayors with 316.

In sixth place in votes was a new political party, the PSD, with 5,813,451 votes and 499 mayors.

The PP was seventh in total votes, 5,379,256, down 14% compared to 2008 when it got 6,142,734 votes.

In eighth place was the DEM, the party that had the biggest losses compared to 2008. Its total votes this year, 4.5 million, was simply 100% less than in the last municipal elections when it got 9.3 million votes. The DEM did manage to win 276 mayors, but it lost out mainly due to the creation of the PSD, which wound up becoming a major party mainly because of the large number of mayors and state assembly members that migrated to it from the DEM.

This much is clear: with 29 political parties participating in Brazil’s 2012 municipal elections the results were somewhat murky. Just about everybody could point to a victory or two – as well as some losses.

Allen Bennett – translator/editor The News in English

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