NEWS IN ENGLISH – Because of time zones, voting ended only at 7:00 pm

29/10/2012 09:49

Luana Lourenço and Débora Zampier      Reporters Agência Brasil

Brasília – Exactly 50 cities had runoff elections for mayor yesterday, Sunday, October 28. Most of the country is on “official,” that is, Brasilia, time. At the moment, Brasilia time is daylight savings time (“horário de verão”). As a result, the voting ended at 5:00 pm (horário de Brasilia) in 35 of the 50 cities with runoff elections (however, people already in line to vote at that time were allowed to do so).

In ten other cities, that are not on horário de verão, voting ended at 6:00. pm (horário de Brasilia). And in the remaining five cities, that are in different time zones and not on horário de verão, it ended at 7:00 pm (horário de Brasilia).

Brazil votes on electronic voting machines and tallying totals begins immediately after polling place close with the result that the results are available in a very short time.

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Note: this report was filed on 10/28/2012, at 5:03 pm, and translated at 6:00 pm