Brazilian companies will partipate in only one of the three Petrobras bidding processes

17/09/2002 - 21h57

Rio, 18 (Agência Brasil - ABr) - Brazilian firms are qualified to participate in only one of the three bidding processes that Petrobras is holding to contract out the construction projects for platforms P-51 and P-52. That one covers the formulation of a project for the execution, together with the construction and assembling, of the hulls and processing units for the two platforms.

According to information provided Radiobrás by the managing director of Exploration and Production in the Southeast Region, Carlos Tadeu Fraga, Petrobras is sending ten letters of solicitation to national and international firms capable of taking part in the bidding. Five of them are for Brazilian firms.

Carlos Tadeu Fraga also said that for the other two bidding processes - one for the construction of the electric energy generation units and the other for the construction of the gas compression units - "only those firms that supply equipment on a worldwide scale for generating energy and compressing natural gas within the specifications required for the two units are being solicited." (DAS)