NEWS IN ENGLISH – Trade surplus for first week in October is $812 million

09/10/2012 09:45

Luciene Cruz      Reporter Agência Brasil

Brasília – Brazil’s foreign trade balance in the first week of October (1 to 6) registered exports of $5.356 billion and imports of $4.544 billion, for a surplus of $812 million.

The cumulative surplus for the year is now $16.537 billion, with exports of $185.952 billion and imports of $169.415 billion. However, the 2012 surplus is 30% less than the 2011 surplus during the same period (when it was $23.634 billion)

The average daily value of both exports and imports between January and October is down slightly from the same period last year. The average daily value of exports is running at just over $1 billion, down 3.2%, compared to 2011. As for imports, the average daily value is running at $908.8 billion, down 8.1%.

Allen Bennett – translator/editor The News in English

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