NEWS IN ENGLISH – Supreme Court justice-relator condemns former leaders of PT

09/10/2012 10:09

Débora Zampier        Reporter Agencia Brasil

Brasilia - Brasilia – Joaquim Barbosa, the justice-relator of Penal Case 470, the mensalão, voted on Wednesday, October 3, to condemn José Dirceu, the former cabinet member and minister, presidential Chief of Staff (“Casa Civil”), along with José Genoino, the former president of the PT, as well as Delubio Soares, the former PT treasurer, for running a vote buying scheme (“compra de apoio politico”) during the first administration of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (2003-2004). However, Barbosa voted to absolve the former minister of Transportation, Anderson Adauto.

These defendants, Dirceu, Genoino and Delubio are accused of being the masterminds that operated the so-called political core (“núcleo politico”) of the mensalão along with another six defendants in the so-called advertising core (“núcleo publicitario”) [the latter were connected to advertising agencies that dissimulated the origin, movement and use of at least R$55 million that federal prosecutors say flowed from public sources to banks to members of Congress; the principal figure in the advertising core was Marcos Valério]

According to Barbosa, the man in charge of the criminal ring was José Dirceu. “In the context of the evidence in the case file (“ação penal”), payments were made by Delúbio and Marcos Valério to members of Congress. Those congressmen were in direct contact with Dirceu, which puts the head of the Casa Civil in a central organizing and leadership position where criminal practices took place. He was the mastermind who promised improper advantages for those who voted as he wished them to vote…” said the relator, adding: “Dirceu worked both ends of the scheme. He promised benefits in return for votes and paid to get them.”

Barbosa went on to say that it was simply inconceivable that Delúbio and Valério did this by themselves without guidance from Dirceu.

As for the defense argument that Dirceu removed himself from PT activities when he became a minister, Barbosa said exactly the opposite was true. Barbosa declared that it was Dirceu who met with members of the financial core (“núcleo financeiro”), the directors of the Banco Rural and BMG, to deal with the loans.

 Barbosa made his case against the PT leaders by following timelines drawn up by federal prosecutors showing links between the meetings, the loans totaling R$55 million and the payments to members of Congress at moments when important votes were taking place.

Allen  Bennett – translator/editor The News in English

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