Egypt is largest importer of Brazilian beef

20/04/2004 - 23h13

Brasília, April 22, 2004 (Agência Brasil) - Egypt was the chief importer of Brazilian beef. According to the Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock (CNA), exports to that country amounted to US$ 55.7 million in the first quarter of this year. In 2003 Egypt was the fourth largest importer of Brazilian beef.

Chile slipped from first to second place in the first quarter, with imports totaling US$ 47.5 million. The Netherlands, which buys Brazilian beef for resale to other European countries, remained in third place, with US$ 38.6 million worth of imports.

Venezuela also increased its imports of Brazilian beef in the first quarter, to US$ 6.6 million, thus advancing from 54th to 14th place among importers of the Brazilian product, as a result of the incidence of hoof and mouth disease in Venezuela.


Brazil proposed expanding its exports of processed meat to Japan. On Monday (19) a delegation from the Japonese Ministry of Agriculture completed a technical mission to Brazil. The purpose was to inspect the agricultural surveillance system and the sanitary conditions of the Brazilian herd.

According to the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, in 2003 Japan imported 188.5 thousand tons of fresh and processed chicken, processed beef, turkey, pork, and other meats.

The Ministry informed that the Japanese specialists recognized, for example, that Brazil is the only large exporter of chicken that is completely free of avian influenza, the so-called "bird flu."

Translator: David Silberstein