Brazil begins talks with EU on digital TV format

17/07/2003 - 22h39

Brasília, 7/18/2003 (Agência Brasil - ABr) - Today representatives of the European Union and the Brazilian government will attend a seminar in São Paulo on a digital TV format partnership.

The EU commissioner, Erkki Liikanen, has already met with minister of Communications, Miro Texeira, for talks on assistance enabling Brazil to develop its own format.

Teixeira has explained that the goal is to create a format which will permit internet access through free TV channels. The reason for that plan is simple: 93% of Brazilians have access only to free TV.

The Ministry of Communications has set up an internet site at where companies and research institutions can send in reports and studies on TV digital formats. Suggestions and criticism of those reports and studies can be made at (AB)