NEWS IN ENGLISH – Oscar Niemeyer’s condition is reported as stable

25/10/2012 08:24

Paulo Virgilio      Reporter Agência Brasil

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil’s most famous architect, Oscar Niemeyer, who is 104 years old, has been in hospital since October 13. At that time he was admitted to the Hospital Samaritano in Botafogo, suffering from severe dehydration (hypohydration). The latest medical bulletin says he is stable, breathing without assistance and eating normally. There was no announcement of his release.

Mr Niemeyer, born on December 15, 1907, is internationally renowned as one of the great architects of modernism in the 20th century. He was awarded the Pritzker Prize in 1988. He is famous for his use of reinforced concrete in abstract forms and curves – he does not like straight lines. He has explained this by saying he loves the curves of Brazilian mountains, rivers and the waves on the ocean, but most of all, the curves on a woman’s body.

Niemeyer was one of the principal architects of Brasilia. He designed many of its most famous buildings (the Cathedral and Congress buildings, among many others).

At the age of 104, Niemeyer is still active. He goes to his office everyday and continues to design buildings.

Allen Bennett – translator/editor The News in English

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