NEWS IN ENGLISH – Auto sales tax reduction is extended

25/10/2012 08:27

Marli Moreira        Reporter Agência Brasil

São Paulo – Speaking at the opening ceremony of the 27th São Paulo Auto Show (“Salão Internacional do Automovel”), president Dilma Rousseff announced that the government will extend the reduction of the tax on auto sales (“IPI”) until December 31 (the reduction was scheduled to end on October 31).

During her visit to the Auto Show, the president said she was impressed by the technological capacity of the 49 automakers who were exhibiting some 500 models. She called on Brazil to create a more skilled work force so it could become an international reference. She said that by improving worker skills the dependence on foreign technology would be reduced. “I don’t see why we should not produce everything we can right here,” she declared.

As for the Brazilian auto industry (which set historical records in August with sales jumping over 15%, compared to July), Dilma mentioned the government’s incentive program for the sector (“Inovar-Auto”) and the rise of the new Brazilian middle class. She added that there was no reason for Brazil not to be a sector leader as it had three essential qualities that make it competitive: price, timely delivery and quality.

Allen Bennett – translator/editor The News in English

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