NEWS IN ENGLISH – Justice-relator announces he will move quickly to judge rest of mensalão

11/10/2012 10:43

Heloisa Cristaldo and Débora Zampier        Reporters Agência Brasil

Brasília – The justice-relator in Penal Case 470, the mensalão, Joaquim Barbosa, told journalists that he intends to conclude his vote on two chapters today: the so-called seventh chapter that deals with money laundering by members of the PT and the PL, and the eighth chapter that deals with money laundering and illegal remittances of money abroad by adman Duda Mendonça and his partner, Zilmar Fernandes.

So far, 25 out of the original total of 37 defendants have been found guilty of crimes in the case.

Even so, some have been found not guilty: the former minister of the Secretariat of Social Communication of the Presidency, Luiz Gushiken; the former minister of Transportation, Anderson Adauto; the former PL aide, Antonio Lamas; the former ad agency manager, Geiza Dias; and the former director at the Banco Rural, Ayanna Tenório, have been absolved. However, as this remains a very big, complicated case, some of these defendants still face other charges.

Allen Bennett – translator/editor The News in English

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