NEWS IN ENGLISH – Half a million electronic voting machines will be in action in Sunday’s municipal elections

04/10/2012 10:44

Ivan Richard      Reporter Agência Brasil

Brasília – A total of 501,923 electronic voting machines will be operating in Brazil’s 5,568 municipalities this Sunday (October 7) when approximately 140 million Brazilians vote for mayors, vice mayors and local legislators (“vereadores”).

In a pilot program, around 7.5 million of those voters will use biometric machines that will identify them by scanning fingerprints.

Brazil’s Federal Election Court (“Tribunal Superior Eleitoral – TSE”) says it intends to have every voter in the country use biometric machines by 2018. However, experiments with the machines have found that the machines have difficulty registering some people’s fingerprints.

The TSE has announced that it will send federal troops to 268 locations in 10 different states to ensure that the elections are peaceful.

Allen Bennett – translator/editor The News in English

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