NEWS IN ENGLISH – In mensalão, relator charges that vote-buying did take place

18/09/2012 10:48

Débora Zampier      Reporter Agencia Brasil

Brasilia – In the Brazilian Supreme Court trial of Penal Case 470, popularly known as the big monthly allowance (“mensalão”), the relator, justice Joaquim Barbosa, who lays out the evidence and analyzes the case file for the other justices, has begun examining the charges against the political core (“nucleo politico”). The charges in this part of the case are active and passive corruption, money laundering and conspiracy among political parties that were allied with the government during the period 2003-2004.

According to Barbosa, although the defense denies it, there is ample evidence that some R$55 million was transferred through the scheme set up by adman Marcos Valério to the political parties PP, PL (now PR), PTB and PMDB.

Barbosa’s oral presentation yesterday, September 17, lasted all afternoon and discussed only the PP, which he pointed out was an opposition party until it received over R$4 million and began voting with the government.

Allen Bennett – translator/editor The News in English

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