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Brazil ranks low in Pisa

Criado em 03/12/13 11h21 e atualizado em 03/12/13 11h22
Por Daniel Mello and Mariana Tokarnia Fonte:Agência Brasil

São Paulo – Brazil still ranks among the lowest positions in the Program for International Student Assessment (Pisa), in spite of having showed a significant improvement in the items considered. Among the 65 countries included in the assessment, Brazil ranked 58th. Its performance was lower in four items in comparison with the previous results. In 2009, Brazil ranked 54th.

The results from Pisa were released on Tuesday (Dec. 3) by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Conducted every three years, the study evaluates 15-year-old students' performance in reading, mathematics and science.

It was not just the performance of Brazil's students that improved, but also the country's enrolment rate in primary and secondary schools, the report reads. The study also shows that 15-year-olds' enrolment rate has risen from 65% in 2003 to 78% in 2012. The report goes on, “Many of the students who are now included in the school system come from rural communities or socioeconomically disadvantaged families, so the population of students who participated in the PISA 2012 assessment is very different from that of 2003.”

Brazil's largest gains are seen in mathematics. From 356 points in 2003, it reached 391 in 2012. Nevertheless, when analyzed under the six levels of proficiency, the average Brazilian student did not go beyond level 1.

In reading, Brazil's performance improved from 396  in 2000 to 410 points in 2012 – still below the OECD average. The same happened to science, despite the country's 15-point rise compared to 2006: from 390 to 405 points.

Edited by Talita Cavalcante / Nira Foster
Translated by Fabrício Ferreira

Creative Commons - CC BY 3.0

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