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Atlantic Forest Yearbook published in Brazil

Criado em 10/12/13 19h48 e atualizado em 11/12/13 14h09
Por Agência Brasil Fonte:Agência Brasil

Rio de Janeiro – In an attempt to reduce the yearly rate of biodiversity loss, representatives from the United Nations’ Convention on Biological Diversity have published on Tuesday (Dec. 10) the Atlantic Forest Yearbook, with 20 goals divided into five objectives. All across the country,  governments, environmental authorities and the civil society will have to have met these goals all by 2020.

The Yearbook is part of a permanent program launched by the NGO Reserva da Biosfera da Mata Atlântica (English: Atlantic Forest Biosphere Reserve) in 1999 with the purpose of systematically gathering, updating and releasing information on a regular basis concerning the Atlantic Forest’s biome.

The document also makes it possible for readers to compare advances and challenges in environment preservation, scientific and traditional knowledge, and sustainable development in the Atlantic Forest, which can provide the guidelines for projects and public policies.

According to Clayton Lino, the NGO’s chairman, the aim of the project is to be useful for the country’s policy making alongside the Ministry of the Environment, so that the process of meeting the goals can be observed and assessed: “More than that, we plan to contribute to the creation of mechanisms and the promotion of country-wide and regional measures in an attempt to meet and fulfill the goals and objectives in the realm of the Atlantic Forest and its surrounding coastal areas.”

In Lino’s view, the yearbook will show the general public the importance of environment preservation: “More often than not, the population is driven away from such environmental issues. We want to carry out integrating actions to encourage collective actions on behalf of biodiversity.”

In the opinion of Carlos Minc, Rio de Janeiro State Secretary of the Environment, all sections of society will benefit from the development of the environment: “The environment is directly related to the development of the population, and, when methods are devised to speed up this process, people will have to show comprehension and embrace the cause,” and he added: “Rio has great potential, and it can serve as a display window for the whole of Brazil.”

The goals and objectives set by the Convention on Biological Diversity can be seen on the NGO’s website, in Portuguese:

Edited by Nádia Franco / Lícia Marques
Translated by Fabrício Ferreira

Creative Commons - CC BY 3.0

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