Brazilian ships leave for Haiti on peace mission

27/05/2004 - 16h34

Brasília, May 28, 2004 (Agência Brasil) - Four Brazilian ships depart today from the port of Rio de Janeiro bound for Haiti on a peace mission coordinated by the United Nations (UN). The ships form the task force that will transport part of the military contingent that will work on behalf of Haitian reconstruction. In addition to 150 Marines and Army troops, the ships will carry most of the material that will be used by the Brazilian stabilization force - approximately 120 vehicles, 26 trailers of various types, and 81 containers loaded with equipment and supplies.

The voyage to Haiti should take about 18 days. After unloading the material and furnishing preliminary support to the Brazilian troops, the task force will return to Brazil, where it is expected to arrive in Rio de Janeiro on July 14. One of the vessels, however, the "Mattoso Maia," used to land combat vehicles, will remain a month longer in Haiti to provide the logistic support needed by the peace force.

Reporter: Keite Camacho
Translator: David Silberstein