Partnerships with third sector can reduce highway violence

14/08/2003 - 0h08

Brasília, August 14, 2003 (Agência Brasil - ABr) - The number of traffic deaths in Brazil may be four times greater than the number of people killed in all the civil wars that are being fought around the world. Another estimate made by the National Transit Department (Detran) is that 92% of deaths at the wheel are the result of human error, mainly excessive velocity and alcohol consumption.

The problem of alcohol abuse is chronic in Brazilian society. According to data from the Brazilian Center for Information on Psychotropic Drugs, based at the Federal University of São Paulo, 5-10% of the adult population in the country consumes alcohol compulsively, that is, they are addicts. They don't respect the Brazilian Transit Code, which has been in effect since 1998 and prohibits driving under the influence of alcohol.

To revert this situation, transit departments throughout the country conduct consciousness-raising campaigns for drivers and establish partnerships with different segments of society. Partnerships with the third sector, represented by the entrepreneural class, are making it possible for the role of the State to become more effective.

It was for this purpose that the Secretariat of Public Safety of the Federal District got together with the largest alcoholic beverage company in Latin America, Ambev. The company donated 2000 disposable breathalyzers to the Secretariat, to be used by Detran and the Military Police until the end of the month in unannounced police inspection barricades scattered around the city.

Coronel Vítola, coordinator of communications in the Secretariat, affirmed that, since the beginning of the past decade, the majority of developed countries have adopted this stance. According to him, the State alone is unable to control the growing violence and crime in national metropolises. The coordinator added that other partnerships with different sectors of society are under study. (DAS)