Members of PT abstain again in Chamber of Deputies vote on social security amendment

13/08/2003 - 23h56

Brasília, 8/14/2003 (Agência Brasil - ABr) - The eight PT deputies who abstained during the main vote on the social security reform bill, abstained once again last night during the vote on an amendment to the bill. According to Mauricio Rands (PT-PE), "That vote could mean a more severe punishment for them." The deputies are: Chico Alencar, Ivan Valente, João Alfredo, Maria José Maninha, Mauro Passos, Orlando Fantazzini, Paulo Rubem Santiago and Walter Pinheiro.

Three PT deputies, João Batista Babá, Luciana Genro and João Fontes, voted against the government as they did during the other vote.

And four other PT deputies, Ary Vanazzi, doutor Rosinha, Luci Choinacki and Luiz Bassuma, did not vote. (AB)