German company will produce eolic energy in Rio Grande do Sul

01/04/2003 - 22h07

Porto Alegre, April 2, 2003 (Agência Brasil - ABr) - The German company Innovint wants to produce eolic (wind) energy in Rio Grande do Sul. The firm's plans project the generation of 279 megawatts of energy in three regions of the state: Cidreira (72 MG), Mostardas (81 MW), and Santa Vitória do Palmar (116 MW).

According to the consulting firm Elebras, which represents Innovint in Brasil, the investment will amount to US$ 251 million. Innovint has already submitted a request to the State Environmental Portection Foundation for an Environmental License to produce eolic energy and is currently awaiting an Installation Permission. With this authorization, the company can qualify for the Alternative Energy Incentive Program (Proinfra).

The prospects for eolic energy investments in Rio Grande do Sul are on the order of US$ 1.3 billion. Each eolic MW costs, on the average, US$ 1 million. By 2006 more than 330 million dollars will be applied, to produce 330 MW. (DAS)