IPCA was 2.26% in January

13/02/2003 - 22h19

Rio, February 14, 2003 (Agência Brasil - ABr) - The Broad Consumer Price Index (IPCA) registered 2.25% in January, 0.15% above December's 2.10%. This was the greatest monthly jump in inflation since the implantation of the Real Plan, in July, 1994. The index was announced yesterday (13), in Rio, by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics.

The increase in the IPCA was, mainly, a result of the rise in fuel prices, at the end of last year, and higher urban bus fares. Gasoline, for example, rose 8.82%, compared with 1.28% in December, and was responsible for the single largest contribution to the monthly index, 0.39%. Urban bus fares came in second, going from 2.67% to 4.99%, representing a contribution of 0.23%. In six of the eleven regions included in the survey, bus fares registered increases. (DAS)