Fritsch wants to increase fish production

14/01/2003 - 22h12

Brasília, 1/15/2003 (Agência Brasil - ABr) - According to the special secretary of Fishing, José Fritsch, the first thing to do is invest in deep-water fishing boats. "Today we rent boats from the Spanish, the Japanese and the Koreans," said the secretary. "The government has not invested in this and we are losing reserves because of it." Fritsch says it will cost R$20 to R$25 million annually to maintain 60 fishing boats in operation. The funds will come from the merchant marine fund at the Ministry of Transportation.

Fritsch also pointed out that Brazil has 12% of the world's fresh water, while producing only 2.5% of fresh water fish. "Fish is a great protein alternative for Brazilians," he declared. (AB)