Attorney-General of the Republic and president of the TCU receive CPMI's final report

11/04/2006 - 19h15

Agência Brasil

Brasília - Yesterday (11), the president of the Joint Parliamentary Investigatory Commission (CPMI) on the Post Office, senator Delcídio Amaral (PT-MS), and the commission's rapporteur, deputy Osmar Serraglio (PMDB-PR), delivered the CPMI's final report to the Attorney-General of the Republic, Antônio Fernando de Souza, and the president of the General Accounting Office (TCU), minister Adylson Motta. Both recipients promised to continue the investigations.

Motta assured that the report, based on 11 months of investigations by the CPMI, "will be useful for the TCU's investigative efforts."

The Attorney-General praised the CPMI and emphasized that, "the larger the number of investigative mechanisms in a State, the more successful the efforts will be." According to de Souza, the report will contribute to the Public Defense Ministry's ongoing probes..

The CPMI's final report will also be distributed to the Federal Police and the Federal Revenue Department. It will be up to these organs to decide whether to proceed with the indictments suggested in the report and the requests for further investigations.

Translation: David Silberstein