Chamber of commerce with Iran is installed; the goal is to obtain a US$ 1 billion trade surplus

15/09/2003 - 22h21

Rio, September 16, 2003 (Agência Brasil - ABr) - Brazil's business transactions with Iran were bolstered on Monday through the installation of the Bilateral Trade Chamber, whose president, Sérgio Costa da Silva, took office at a ceremony held at the Rio de Janeiro Commercial Association.

The president of the Security and Exchange Commission, Luiz Leonardo Cantidiano, assured that initiatives taken by the federal government, such as Brazilian trade missions to Iran, increase the chances of expanding exports of Brazilian products and services to that country.

Another objective is to increase Brazilian imports from Iran, to bring about a more balanced trade flow, said the president of the Brazil/Iran Chamber. In his view, the expectation is for Brazilian exports to Iran to reach US$ 1 billion in two years. The current surplus is around US$ 450 million, in Brazil's favor. (DAS)