NEWS IN ENGLISH – In mensalão case, relator rules that defendants in PL are guilty of money laundering and conspiracy

25/09/2012 09:56

Débora Zampier       Reporter Agencia Brasil

Brasilia - On Wednesday, September 19, the justice-relator in Penal Case 470, known as the mensalão, Joaquim Barbosa, ruled that the defendants who were members of the PL (presently PR), participated in a criminal scheme in which votes in the Chamber of Deputies were bought. Barbosa rebutted the defense claim that the payments were made by the PT as part of a deal to pay off political party debts. He also rebuffed the argument that the PL, as the party of vice president, did not have to be paid to vote with the PT.

According to Barbosa, deputy Valdemar Costa Neto, the president of the PL, was guilty of money laundering (ocultar o repasse de dinheiro do chamado “valerioduto”). According to the relator, it was clear that Costa Neto and Jacinto Lamas, the party treasurer, along with two others (who are not in Penal Case 470 because they negotiated a plea bargain), formed a conspiracy to cover up the fact that the money originally came from the PT. Barbosa pointed out that Costa Neto received 36 checks and another 27 fund transfers.

In his vote, Barbosa announced he was going to absolve the political party treasurer, Jacinto Lamas, of conspiracy because he was involved in only one transaction.

At the end of his vote on the PL defendants, Barbosa found Valdemar Costa Neto and Jacinto Lamas guilty of passive corruption, money laundering and conspiracy. He found Antonio Lamas guilty of money laundering and conspiracy and Bispo Rodrigues guilty of passive corruption and money laundering. 

Allen Bennett – translator/editor The News in English

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